Recipe 4 Life
10 Tips for Living Well & Living Healthy
By: Suzanne Harris 2011

1. Get a large bowl and fill to the top with self-awareness, consciousness, and a good self-concept.
2. Add a pinch of faith about the size of a mustard seed.
3. Pour in a large bottle of unwavering belief.
4. Sprinkle a few inspired ideas & directed thoughts.
5. Throw in a big, chunk of action
6. Add some grains of confidence.
7. Add a medium-sized bowl of juicy chunks of desire.
8. Top with an over-sized spoon of positive affirmations.
9. Stir in bits of happiness here and there.
10. Add several, thick layers of gratitude.

                        Suggestion: Start with a little prayer first to add a hearty boost of flavor.

                    Very Important: Chop off & discard leftover self-doubts & limiting beliefs.

Finally, let everything melt to the very core of your being.

Shake vigorously, serve generously

P.S. If recipe does not turn out as expected, just start over.

Suzanne Harris is the owner of Teacher’s Goldmine, an Internet-based company that provides educational materials for children. Suzanne is also the founder of Live Life Good, a lifestyle and empowerment brand that provides inspirational products, materials, mentoring, and Get A Life workshops designed for the purpose of helping them fulfill their mission: to educate, empower, & inspire. For more information, contact Suzanne

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  1. This is so great, Suzanne! I tried your recipe and it is absolutely delicious!